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Watershed Management

Rain water harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is a technique used for collecting, storing, and using rainwater for landscape irrigation, drinking, gardening and other uses. Ecobasics being an organisation working for ecologically sound, economically viable and sustainable ideas promotes water harvesting because it fosters sustainability and also understands the 3P's philosophy of environment: People, Profit and Planet
Rainwater Harvesting in urban areas can be of three types:
1.   Roof top rainwater harvesting
2. Rainwater harvesting in paved and un-paved areas (open fields, parks, pavement       landscapes etc.)
3.   Rainwater Harvesting in large areas with open ponds, lakes, tanks etc.

Watershed development and management
A watershed is the drainage basin or catchment area of a particular stream or river. Watershed management improves water provision, reduces risks and augments natural ecology. We use GIS and mapping tools to assess, map, and plan watersheds and adopt an integrated watershed management approach involving management of soil, water and vegetation to sustain and enhance watershed functions.

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