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Ecological plantations

We promote ecology and therefore we endorse Ecological plantations as a service that enhances ecology and fosters ecological interactions. Gardens, if planned ecologically can be sites of amplified plant – animal interactions. Creating ecologically sound plantations requires good knowledge of ecology and applied ecology, we are an organization that not only creates a very well-functioning plantation, but we can also maintain it and help it develop further. At Ecobasics, we don't leave your project after we are done constructing it because we truly understand that creating ecologically sound habitats/landscapes is a gradual and graceful process.


We undertake Greenbelt planning and development by using native and forest representing species. We prepare greenbelt as per as the mandate and requirements. Green belt is a land-use planning concept and is basically green space, open space or landscaped buffer zone between developed areas and undeveloped areas. The Green belt is specifically made to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas, to retain and enhance attractive landscapes and secure nature conservation interest. We specialise in planning and developing an efficient and highly effective greenbelt.

Eco-gardening (Ecological gardening)
Creation of Butterfly parks, Bird attracting parks, Botanical garden, Arboretum fall in to the Ecological gardening section. Eco gardening involves creation of Biodiversity and Ecology friendly gardens. We specifically plan, create, maintain and manage gardens and parks to promote ecology and biodiversity. Overall, we can create a biodiversity rich park if we are given an area of at least 5-6 acres.

Need based plantations
Dust suppression, Ash management, Noise reduction, and Soil erosion (Over dump plantation). Need based plantations are undertaken to mitigate pollution problems. We promote strategic plantations to take care of common and complex problems of Dust, Ash, Noise and Soil erosion.

Eco-Scapes: Gardening and Landscaping using native species
We promote Gardening and Landscaping by native species. By using native species in the landscape, one can improve the natural ecology and can enhance ecological interactions. Native gardening or natural gardening can be combined with many other ecological concepts like permaculture to further improve the ecology and functionality of your garden and landscape.

Pocket Gardening
If you want to avail our services and don't have enough space and you would specifically want to introduce butterfly rich or birds rich garden in your small area, we have a concept called as Pocket gardening. We create a near perfect plan for you to have a biodiversity attracted tiny garden which can be on your terrace, parking space or well-spaced out throughout you residential campus.

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