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Ecological Mapping (GIS mapping and remote sensing)

Tree census and inventory (Using GPS technology)
Tree census, inventory and mapping is an effective tool to manage landscapes, habitats and urban diversity and plan development in a more sustainable way. We gatheraccurate information on the health and diversity of Trees. How many street trees are there? What kind? In what condition are they? We focus on the attributes of individual trees and also help in finding out carbon sink capacity of a plantation by putting parameters like the height, girth and canopy volume of a plantation into simple numerical models. Using GIS tools we map the overall tree diversity and density.


Watershed mapping
With the help of GIS and mapping tools, we study basic physical characteristics of watersheds such as the drainage network and derive flow paths to understand and manage the watershed more efficiently. Mapping of watershed is a good tool to understand and improve water provision, and watershed efficiency.


Terrain mapping
Mapping of terrain can help understand, plan and manage small and big projects. It can be an important and critical practice before the actual layout is designed.

Vegetation inventory and mapping
Vegetation inventory and mapping present information on the composition and structure (height, canopy, cover and life Form classes) of plant communities in a two dimensional format. Such maps provide region framework on which ecological investigations are based. With the help of vegetation mapping, we help you to assess the ecological impact and manage it more efficiently. Vegetation inventory and mapping can also be very useful in management and evaluation of green belts, crops, orchards, social forestry plantation,afforestation and restoration projects




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