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About Us

Ecobasics works on the philosophy of conserving nature by representing natural ecology, bridging gaps and fostering synergy between environment and development. We wish to see the world develop in sync with nature and get greener, cleaner and better.

We believe that natural ecosystems are critical factors for human life - an inseparable part of existence. One cannot just label it with tags of tourism and boundaries and define its place on the globe. We are in it, practically living on space that is owed to nature's bounty.

Ecosystems are responsible for the creation and supply of resources that provide us with Water to quench our thirst, Air to breathe, Food to eat, Soil for agriculture.



These are services that ecosystems provide us, almost free of cost. Availability of these services plays a decisive and important role in our business, lifestyles, happiness and development.

hp2   We at Ecobasics have always taken the less beaten and adventurous route. We are a team of people who have spent years exploring the Indian forests and learning field ecology through integrated and interdisciplinary approach. We find accomplishment in inspiring, empowering and facilitating people. We work on application based projects, we idealise, innovate and invent.

We strive to identify pragmatic solutions which help reduce ecological impact of development, foster sustainability, enhance ecologically sound agriculture and support environment conservation.

We provide service and consultancy in the area of ecology and environment to any sector that needs it. Work with us to help nature find its correct and desired representation in your business, collaborate with us to nurturecooperation with nature and employ our expertise to help you recognise, regulate and reduce your ecological impact.

Mission, Vision & Values